09 March 2007

Positive Jam: Mistah F.A.B. - Ghost Ride It

Chris Hecker's "Fear of a Wii Planet" thing is kind of negative, as will be the next couple items of interest I want to write up. So here is something positive: a really great music video.

I don't know where to begin about the fineness of this video/song; mostly it's just nice to see something where it is clear that pop performers are totally Doing Their Own Thing. A partial checklist of the slightly batshit but wonderful things on display in this video:

  • Ghost riding the ECTO-1
  • Ghost riding a yellow short bus
  • A Misfits t-shirt with an iced out grill
  • The marionette!!
  • A truly epic airbrushed Slimer on the back of a satin jacket
  • A minor league baseball mascot gettin' hyphy
  • Rather than edit out the bit where he falls down while trying to ghost ride the school bus, they actually replay it repeatedly for maximum hyphy effect
I had been eagerly awaiting this video's release ever since Thrasher Magazine (?!?) leaked some footage of its filming a few months ago, and I have been pestering people with links to this video ever since.

Plus, I support anything that gets Stephenson Hall alumnus Patrick Swayze back on the lips of the general public.

1 comment:

Eb said...

I like when he hula hoops his bus medallion around his neck at the end. Bold move.